Want a postcard from the road?

Want me to send you a postcard from a random location on the road featuring my own photography and a few sentences of random babble describing the photo or whatever is on my mind?

For all of 300 pennies, you can have one! You can also have one sent to a friend! Anywhere in the world!

Specify what type of photo you’d like to receive on your post card (selfie, scenery or random artsy). If you don’t pick one, I’ll decide for you. Then wait for your postcard to arrive!

Please allow 2-6 weeks for your postcard to arrive, it wouldn’t be any fun if you got it right away now would it? If you order several postcards at once, allow me 2-6 weeks in between postcards. So if you order 10, it could take me well over a year to mail you all 10 cards. Hoo-rah!

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