Musical Bike Tour Adventures Part 5 – The Music

The music, the entertainment, the gift. This is what we came here to do, this is the part we love the most.

We work hard on our art. We may make it look easy, but it’s not. There is so much work that goes on beyond the stage, before and after we’re there. But being there on stage, sharing what we love with you, that’s the gravy!

Seeing your smiling face, the tears in your eyes, that look that you’re considering what we’re offering, that it’s making you think or feel, hearing you clap, cheer, laugh and sing along, this is what we love.

There are so many reasons why we choose to be entertainers but we all share something on a fundamental level. We do this to quench that desire in our entire being to connect with you and the world around us, to bring other people into our art, to open your mind and your heart.

Some folks don’t wish to share their art, they create it and it never sees the light of day. I have a stock pile of songs you’ll never hear, but it is still a way to relate to the world in which we dwell.

On the topic of song stockpiles, when you see an artist’s work, whatever their medium, keep in mind that countless hours went into the product that you see. It would be extremely difficult for me to estimate how long it takes to get a song up to my performance standards. If you include inspiration time, lyric writing and re-writing, composing, practice, performing, practice, critiquing, fine-tuning practice and re-working, you’ve got yourself an uncountable amount of time.

Some artists find their thing and stay there. The hit song, the style, the dance move, the character, the joke. They get a constant good response and they get comfortable in it and stop growing. There is something to be said for reliability but I prefer to get out of my comfort zone and to take you with me. I want to give you something that challenges you to think and feel outside your normal frame of reference. I think this is one way of picking out the great artists, they do something that intrigues you and also makes you just a little uncomfortable.

When you tell me something one of my songs made you feel that wasn’t even on my radar during composition, I know I’ve done good work. That also reminds me that once my art is created, it’s beyond me, it no longer belongs to me, it belongs to all of us. Whatever it makes you think or feel, despite all my efforts to create a very specific piece, is exactly what you’re supposed to be thinking or feeling. That is a work of untainted beauty!

In so many words, the connection is what makes it all worth while, whatever it looks like.

When I get to perform one of my songs with friends for a crowd thats engaged and connected, I cannot explain how deeply humbled and grateful that makes me, it brings me to tears every time!

This. Is. Why.

Okay, enough words. Here are pictures of some of the amazing people we got to share the stage with on tour.


Classhickal Guitar 


 Stinky Pete Irving 


Strangely plays with The Senate for a reunion show


All Hail the Mighty Thumb Cat


 Professor Gall






Intuitive Compass


The Crux



Adventure Tip:

If you ever experience art that moves you in some way, share that with the artist! Share why their art changes you in words. Share appreciation by supporting them in some way. Buy the cd, or painting or a friend a ticket to their show. Spread the word! Listen and clap and sing along when they ask.

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