Musical Biker Tour Part Two – The Scenery

When you’re bike touring, you not only get to see the amazing land and seascapes around you but you get to experience them in a totally different way. At one point we were with our friends, driving through the redwoods and we were going too fast. They thought it was great, Strangely and I thought we were missing it all.

I’m a part-time photo enthusiast and sometimes my pictures capture the feeling of the landscape pretty well.

Here are some of my favorites from the trip. All of which were taken on my iphone4.


Camping in someone’s yard in Newberg, OR


Riding into the storm north of Salem, OR


It’s hard to tell but the view from here was pretty amazing, maybe that had to do with the fact that we’d just climbed a gnarly hill. Somewhere outside of Eugene, OR


On the way to Roseburg, OR a few miles after Rice Hill


I’ve always loved the order, symmetry and lines that vineyards and orchards make. Roseburg, OR


Strangely’s future home? North of Roseburg, OR


Camping in Canyonville, OR


Evening Sky in Williams, OR



We had to stop on the side of the highway and rescue our friend’s hat. Not a lot of scenery but I love pretty much everything about this photo. Ashland, OR


Not sure where this is but it’s probably in southern Oregon possibly on Highway 199


Morning orange tent glow at the Mountain Man RV Park in Cave Junction, OR


Misty mountains and wild Lupins while waiting for Strangely to catch up. Several miles from Gasquet, CA


Redwood Highway 199 in California


 Our first taste of the redwoods in Jedediah Smith State Park. It felt like we were on Endor!


Pile of concrete anchors in Crescent City, CA


Love the ocean, clouds, blue sky, all of it! Crescent City, CA


Had to take a windswept seascape selfie of course. Crescent City, CA


Dominated Crescent Hill


Chillin’ with Paul and Babe by the Trees of Mystery


Fern meadow where the elk spend their time at Prairie Creek State Park in California


View of a redwood through a redwood in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park California


The beach just past Fern Canyon in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park California


It’s so hard to capture the immensity of these beasts! Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park California


Big Lagoon on the way to Trinidad, CA


Strangely in Trinidad, CA a super cute seaside town.


Mossy outdoor theater in Trinidad, CA


Just north of Arcata, CA looks a lot like Skagit County, WA


Caught a ride and went camping with our friends Black Beast Revival, who were also on tour, in their tiny van in Humboldt Redwoods State Park California


On our way into San Francisco with our friend to his performance with Orchestra Euphonos. The bike leg of our trip is officially over.



I took the train back to Seattle. This was what I woke up to just north of Mount Shasta, CA


I got all artsy with this one. Drinking coffee, writing songs and enjoying lovely vistas from the train through Oregon.


Right before my Seattle arrival, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge at sunset. Not a bad way to end the trip!

Adventure Tip:

Take pictures if you like to and stop when you’re losing the moment.

I love to take photos but there is a line that is easy to cross where I’m no longer in the moment and I’m worried about getting a photo of a moment that was only good enough to try to take a picture of but not fully experience. Ya, having great photos of your adventures is cool but it’s way better to have an experience in this amazing place and take that with you forever than thirty, mediocre digital photos and no real memory of where you were.


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