Photo Adventures

I’m so behind on my update of Morning Walk photos. So here you go!


 Bellingham, WA     July 7, 2013


“Crossing That Bridge”

Bellingham, WA   July 8, 2013

Cross That Bridge

“Staring Staircase”

Bellingham, WA   July 9, 2013

Staring Staircase

“Happy Dog”

Bellingham, WA   July 10, 2013

Happy Dog

“Power Line Sky”

Bellingham, WA    July 11, 2013

Power Line Sky

“Temporarily Thwarted”

Fallon, NV   July 17, 2013

Temporarily Thwarted

“They Don’t Serve Loose Meat”

St. George, UT   July 19, 2013

They Don't Serve Loose Meat

“Marina View”

Paige, AZ   July 20, 2013


“Track Shadows”

Florence, CO   July 27, 2013

Track Shadows

“Feral Tabby”

Bellingham, WA    August 3, 2013

Feral Taby

“Back Again”

Bellingham, WA   August 5, 2013

Back Again

“Gnome Greeter”

Bellingham, WA    August 6, 2013

Gnome Greeter


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