A Note on Love

   Two dear friends of mine are engaged and I am so thrilled for them! As far as I can tell, they’re as perfect for each other as any two people can be. When my friend asked me to be a bride’s maid (of the informal type) I was honored.
   My band is planning to perform at a festival out of town the same weekend as the wedding. Normally whatever the band wants takes priority over pretty much anything else in my life but not for this event. Dropping everything to be at my friend’s side on her special day is more important than anything else to me.
   Little did I know exactly how important that would be to her and her fiance. Turns out not everyone they’ve asked to participate in their wedding is willing to do so.
   I really can’t wrap my brain around not wanting to celebrate the absolute love and devotion between two amazing, loving and beautiful people. Let alone two people whom I absolutely love and adore! Two people whom I believe are well suited for each other and are coming together because of love, real love, honest love, scary love, dirty love, ugly love, pure love, beautiful love. They aren’t getting married for selfish, needy and co-dependent reasons that so many people do.
   So what’s the problem? Why are people who love both of them unwilling to participate? Apparently it’s because they’re both women. I know, I know…crazy right?
   I get it, but I don’t get it. I get it on the level of understanding that so many people have such limiting beliefs. For whatever reason they have them, they have them. BUT, I don’t get it.
   I’m not saying that whatever you believe in is wrong or right, better or worse. It all just is.
   What I do want to say is that I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry that wherever your beliefs came from, your faith, your higher power, your religion, your upbringing or whatever else, they limit you from celebrating love. They limit you from believing that real love, in any form, should be held in the absolute highest esteem! They limit you from being able to expand beyond your boxed in belief of something that knows no bounds.
   Do you really honestly believe, with every inch of your flesh, blood, head, heart and spirit that your god would condemn love?! Or that you would be condemned for celebrating it between two people of the same sex?
   If so, I’m sorry. I am truly sorry for you. I am sorry that your beliefs keep your spirit limited. I’m sorry that what you believe in limits love.
   I want you to know that love has no limits. You cannot own love, you cannot control love, you cannot limit love (no matter what you believe). I want you to know that love is beyond you and me. Love is beyond belief and faith. And love is beyond god.

For my lovely friends, I will be by your sides not only in the church on your special day but for every day before and after!

P.S. There are several people in my life, whom I love dearly, that hold what I think is a limiting belief on love. I love and adore them no less because of what they believe. We all have our place but that doesn’t make me any less sad about it.

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