Adventures in walking and photography

Every morning (almost) I walk my dog. Along the way there is always something interesting, pretty, odd, nostalgic (in my home town) or something that I deem photo worthy. So here is my last week-ish in morning walks. Enjoy!

June 4 Bellingham, Wa

“Neighbor Flowers”
June 5 Bellingham, Wa
June 6 Bellingham, Wa
“Iron Adventist Fence”
June 9 Gladstone, OR

“Sunday Morning Church Sky”
June 9 Gladstone, OR
“Bridge Shadows”
June 10 Bellingham, WA
“On My Grind”
June 11 Bellingham, WA

“Nostalgic Phone Booth”
June 12 Bellingham, WA

“Unfinished Garage Door Drawing”
June 13 Bellingham, WA

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