my son’s 15th birthday part 2: an all-ages metal show and awesome mom award

                                                            continued from part 1

   My son has been telling me that he wanted to attend a metal show for a while now. This town has a really great under-aged venue called Make.Shift, but you have to wait a while for the type of show you want to see. It just so happened that there was one happening the evening after our shooting escapades, so we went. Four bands played and my son and I both agreed our favorite was Phalgeron.
Not the best picture but you get the idea. The bassist on the left was a long-haired, bearded blond in patched up denim who swung his hair around as he played…I dated a guy like that once…a Rock God!
    I don’t really listen to metal too much. I don’t mind it but it just isn’t my preferred listening choice. Many of my friends and exes do and so I have been to my fair share of metal shows but it has been a while. I forget how much I like it more live. 
   For me live music isn’t just about the music though, its also about the scene. Every genre of music has their own following. It’s quite interesting to see the differences between them all, how they tend to dress, behave and more importantly, move to the music. Despite the differences by genre there seem to be two things that are the same throughout all music: 
1) the musicians: they (usually) give it their all no matter how large or small the crowd. They do this thing because they love it, it is their art, their means of expression. It is how they deal with the world that surrounds them. I love seeing that in all the different ways it happens. and…
2) the fans: they are all there watching the bands for the same reasons, because they love the music, they need the music. They need their music accompanied with all the other things to stimulate their senses. The crowd, the smells, the feeling in the air, the ringing in the ears, the common musical bond, all of it and more. 
   Love me some live music!! And I love the fact that I got to share some of that with my son on his birthday! My friend told me I got the “awesome mom award” for facilitating these activities for my son’s birthday. I think it’s pretty cool too! There is no way my folks would have done this for me on my 15th birthday. I love my folks but trying to picture either of them do anything remotely close to this when I turned 15 or that I would have even wanted to do this with them, is just about impossible!
   It’s interesting how life turns out sometimes. You can essentially make it look like whatever you want. I love the fact that my son is growing up in an entirely different way that either his father or I did. And I love that even though the way we have chosen to raise our son can be considered a bit unorthodox, we all still get total love and support from both sides of our families. Some people aren’t this lucky. We have love and diversity all around! All that love transfers over to that little baby pictured at the top of this post. What more could I ever want for my son?
   Thanks for reading! And I welcome your comments and feedback!

Adventure tip:  
Want a musical or art adventure? Check out Make.Shift whenever you happen to be in Bellingham! They are an awesome nonprofit whose goals are to “provide low-cost, environmentally sustainable support for artists and musicians”. That really puts these folks in quite the nutshell. All the things that they offer the local music community is pretty amazing! I highly recommend supporting them!

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